Crew Wanted/Available

Keen on cruising or looking for some cruising crew? Let us know and we will add your details below. Email us a paragraph about yourself including your sailing experience, what kind of sailing you are interested in doing,  and your contact details to: and we will put them up here for you.

If you are keen on racing, check out the Naval Point Club Lyttelton Crew List here.

You can also join the MySail website and list your skills or boat on there.

Scroll right to the bottom to check out some tips for both crew and skippers.


Crew Available

Kate MP: 021-088-13447E: kmelnik@ualberta.caI was recently introduced to sailing, and realised that it’s something I would really love to get into. I don’t have any experience aside from a cruisy 7-day sailing trip in the Bay of Islands with a few friends, where I learned some basic skills and vocabulary. I have a lot of outdoor experience, enjoy hunting, fishing, surfing and freediving, and am comfortable in the cold. I am a fast learner and will catch on to things pretty quickly once shown the ropes. I’m generally free in the evenings and weekends, and would be keen to crew for races or help out with maintenance, so please give me a shout if I can help!
Christian Wallden
P: 02041815281
I am always keen to get some more experience in sailing. Here in Lyttleton I have learned a lot and enjoy continuing to do so. I am doing my 2 sail starts next Saturday morning with Phil. I work and live in Woolston so just 10 min for me to come over and give a hand. I am also keen to help with repairing etc to learn even more.
Bex Brosnahan
P: 0274 672 126
I have recently moved to Lyttelton and would love to join a sailing team for the summer. In the past I have sailed in Auckland on Young 88’s and more recently in Wanaka. While my knowledge is limited I am super keen to learn and am confident on the water. Please get in touch!
Clara Gyllensten
P: 0210762275
Kia ora!
I grew up in the Swedish archipelago, sailing from a child. I have experience sailing small laser type boats, 20-60ft monohulls, and tall ships! Very confident on the water but lack experience with tidal sailing and a bit rusty on the English names of boat lingo.
Fun, happy, friendly type that would love to crew weekly. I don’t mind racing but not of an overly competitive nature, haha. Keen for adventure, and all weathers. I miss the wind, salt and freedom sailing brings me!
Darryl Hamilton
P: 0274591396
HI I’m Darryl. I live in Ashburton and I’m looking to crew.
I like long walks on the…….. na just kidding hah. I have a trailer sailor(Sabor 20) and so have some experience lake sailing on lake Benmore but I’m no expert by any means and so I’m looking to learn some new skills and meet some new people and have some fun sailing. My Dad had a 35′ boat at Akaroa when we were kids and so we were out most weekends but I’ve never been sailing at Lyttelton. Happy to travel to Lyttelton.
Sarah Cahill
P: 027 3050 422
Hi there, I am a friendly and social lady living in Mount Pleasant looking to join a crew. My experience of sailing was crewing for on social races on Hamilton Island. As this was many years ago, let’s say I am a novice and willing to start from scratch. I loved my stint at sailing and looking to meeting new and like minded people. If interested in having me on board, please get in touch. Looking forward to some new adventures!
Michael McFie
P: 0226507541
Keen to do some crewing. I have been sailing a Paper tiger for 10 years & have done some coastal passages. IU have got Boatmaster & Coastal Navigation. I am a non-smoker and enjoy sailing of course, running, biking, trampling & camping. I am an Architectural Designer.
Wayne Girdlestone
P: +64 21 419463
Good day, I grew up sailing dinghy’s and boards in South Africa where I had the privilege or representing my country on the water. I have not had much experience in keelboat sailing but have done a few cruises in a Miura (30ft) back home.
I’m now interested in get back on the water cruising or racing is fine as I’m looking to gain some experience on bigger yachts.
As always, time is an issue but I would be able to commit to one evening a week and potentially a Saturday as well. Recently I completed my Day Skippers Certificate through Coastguard Education and am about to start my VHF Marine certification. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Looking forward to getting back out there.


Nick Miall
I was first exposed to sailing the Blackwater tidal estuary in Essex and then sailed dinghy’s and Hobie 16s in the south coast of England. I had X boat and Beneteau experience while day sailing in the English Channel before coming over to New Zealand in 2002. Since then I have owned and sailed a Farr 7.5 in the lakes and crewed on Noelex 22s in Timaru.
I have my RYA Day Skipper -Tidal certificate with Nelson Sailing School. My goal now is to join an ARC Rally as a boat skipper/owner however need to gain more open water and night sailing experience to enable me to pass the RYA Coastal Skipper qualification February 2022 and move on to the next stage. Happy to help out and crew on all types of Keeler. Avid Foodie.


Debbie Miall

I started sailing in 1998 in the UK sailing a variety of dinghies in the English channel where I completed my RYA Level 2, when I came to NZ in 2002 I moved to a trailer sailor on a Farr 7.5. mainly sailing around Lake Benmore and Lake Aviemore and crewing for others around Timaru. In 2008 I completed my RYA Day Skipper Tidal in Nelson.

I have not done a lot of sailing since 2013 and am keen to get back sailing out in the blue water, happy to crew and help do maintenance work.

In February 2022 I will be undertaking my RYA Coastal Skipper course to then go on and achieve the RYA Coastal /Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. My ultimate goal is to take part in the ARC Rally.


Kev Hall
021 481 408,
I’m very keen to get out on the water. I sailed quite a bit with Pegasus Sea Scouts as a young fellow and a little more recently on a masters outward bound course, where I was the storm helmsman because I atleast new the bow from the stern.
I know how to tie a few knots, know a few terms and could bluff my way around a course on a small sailboat, but nothing more than that.
I’ve recently embarked on a journey of building a big catamaran. It’ll take a good few years to complete and I’m very keen to get out and about, help out and learn a heap in the meantime.
I’m pretty adventurous and know how to stay warm and look after myself in the outdoors.
I’m keen in getting out on anything from a fine weather sail on the harbour, to a bumpy wet weekend away.
Give me a holler if I can help.


Eric Devos

Phone: 0226 71 3455 or 329 9966


I am looking to crew for crew for day or evening sailing.
I did a bit of sailing 20 years ago and would like to get back into it. I have been out with a few people lately and it’s been great. Looking forward hearing from you


Adam Jones
I have recently been looking at getting back into sailing. Growing up in Gisborne I spent around 10 years as Sea Cadet where we spent every weekend sailing and racing in the open dinghy class using Sunbursts or the old Cadet Cutters. During this time I also taught Cadets sailing as well as gaining my sailing charge certificate with the Cadet forces. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend time sailing and racing on trailer sailers and bigger yachts upto 45 footers. In saying this its also been a long time since I’ve been sailing and love to to get back into it crewing and learning the ropes again so to speak.


Jon Baker

P: 0211163534


I’ve recently completed the Learn2Sail course with Phil Folter and am looking to learn more about sailing and eventually buy my own yacht or trailer sailor. I work for the NZDF in Rolleston and am happy to travel for the chance to learn.
David Thorpe
021 124 4801
I’m keen to upskill my sailing, I need more time on the water either as a crew member or on my own boat.
I bought a nice 18 foot trailer sailer about 18 months ago that’s in the compound at Naval Point.
I like to potter about the harbour when the conditions are good, I’m not overly competitive or adventurous but am very responsible and keen to learn.
I sailed as a kid but this summer completed my day skipper course, and have crewed different boats and my own boat (with friends with more knowledge than me!) in the harbour over the last 18 months or so.
If you are keen to come out with me and have a bit of knowledge then we could be a good fit.  I am also up for crewing for anyone, racing or cruising. 
I’m a 49 yr old family man with flexible work hours (so I can often be available) eager to get the young kids onboard one day!
Tim and Gail Hughes
We are mainly looking for opportunities to get experience on coastal passages, though Tim who is semi-retired  may be able to crew for some races. We have owned, raced and cruised trailer yachts for the last twenty years in lakes and harbours. We have now purchased a 38 ft keeler moored in Whangarei. We have revised the day skipper course and started on the yachtmaster offshore theory course. Gail works Monday to Wednesday so we are most likely available from Thursday to Sunday.
Racquelle de Vine
P: 0274311038
A young, keen lass looking to upskill and spend more time on the water now that i’m land based!
Spent 3 years working aboard as crew a 50ft Catamaran that operates as a Oceanographic Research Vessel in the Pacific, however my skill is limited to her and want to branch out to keel boats! I have good sea legs and rope skills, an eagerness to learn and quick on my feet .. plus bake some great cheese muffins!
Look forward to sailing with you!
Michaela Coleman
P: 020 410 26729

I am from an outdoor education and community support background, living in Lyttleton, I love walking around the bays and swimming in summer. I have sailed down the Pacific coast of Central America from El Salvador to Costa Rica on 23 foot boat called Medusa and done a crossing from Panama to Tahiti in a 53 foot steel ketch called Karaka. I would like to get out and about on boats as much as possible, where theres a wind, theres a way.


Gustavo S
P: 0274499637
A newbie that moved from Brazil to New Zealand around 1 year and half ago, having as one of the reasons the willing to sail. I did a Laser course in the beginning of 2017 and, during 2017 season, started helping a friend on a Noelex 22 most of the Saturdays. Currently, I’m still helping the friend on the Noelex, but also looking for experiences sailing bigger boats, as well offshore trips. Really wanting to have my own sailboat in the future and every experience counts. I’ll be more than glad to sail and help. 🙂


Sailing Tips

Before you go sailing Check out our blog post on how to go about choosing your crew or what to look out for before departing on a longer voyage with someone you don’t know very well.

If you are an absolute beginner it is worth having some lessons first. Check out Learn 2 Sail here in Lyttelton or Harbour Sail in Akaroa. Some more tips about getting in to sailing can be found here.

When you head out be sure to take:

  • A life jacket (most boats will have spares, but you are best to get one of your own that fits well and is comfortable for you to wear)
  • Warm clothes that you don’t mind getting wet
  • A warm wet weather jacket (even in summer it can get cold)
  • Non-slip non-marking shoes
  • Sailing gloves
  • A hat, sunglasses & sunscreen
  • A drink and something to eat (things to share with the rest of the crew is always appreciated and helps get a return invitation!)