The Little Ship Club of Canterbury was formed on the 30th October 1961.

A meeting was called and Mr A.E.W. Smith explained his conception of the Club to a group of fifteen people, including Mr Walton H. Beanland – President of the Canterbury Yachting Association.

Inspired by a navigation & seamanship class which was run by the Canterbury Workers Educational Association, the Little Ship Club was formed to undertake a large range of activities that would increase the knowledge and skills and enjoyment of its members and be a benefit of yachting generally.

At the meeting there was a general discussion and Dr D.W. Walker moved that the W.E.A. Little Ships Club be formed, and this was seconded by Mr R.A Johnstone.

The committee was duly elected and included Mr Beanland, Mr Satterthwaite, Mr A.E.W Smith, Mr V.B. Hall, Mr A.E. Curry, Mr M.R. Gray, Mr P Smith and Mr R.A. Johnstone.

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Past Presidents

  • 2013 – 2014   Ron Dards
    1999 – 2013   Ray King-Turner
    1974 – 1999   Geoff Bell
    1970 – 1974   Ken Talbot
    1966 – 1970   Peter Smith
    1965 – 1966    Donald Walker
    1963 – 1965    Gordon Tait
  • 1961 – 1963    C.A. Satterthwaite




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