Presidents Report 2014

by Ron Dards

I must first preface this report with my very sincere thanks to the committee without whose strong support, hard work and contributions, none of these events would have been possible. In particular I want to express my thanks to Viki Moore for creating our Facebook page and website, and to Naval Point Club Lyttelton for all their help in allowing us to use these facilities for our meetings, to all the obliging people who gave up an evening to speak to us and finally to John Milligan for all his hard work designing and running the celestial navigation course for us.

This has been a fairly eventful year for the club. During the year we succeeded in organising a selection of interesting speakers for our monthly meetings including Jamie Welford – one of the harbour pilots, John Thompson – coxswain of the Waimakariri lifeboat and other guests who delivered thought provoking accounts of voyages as well as a stimulating evening with our ever interesting Sue Stubenvoll.

This year also saw us enjoy two visits to outside premises, one to Bridon Cookes to learn about the workings of a major chandlery and to see some ropes and splices close up, and one to the historic Lyttelton steam tug to see all over the ship including some areas not normally shown to the public. I must give sincere thanks to the crew of Lyttelton for a very interesting and informative evening.

This year we also introduced the club newsletter “Fair Winds & Calm Seas” which is now distributed to other clubs and mooring offices as well as some boat supply houses. This newsletter is also published in the Lyttelton Review which has gained the club some valuable publicity. From the newsletter we have produced a club letterhead to improve our image. On the theme of publicity we now also have a Facebook page and a website.

During the year we succeeded in substantially increasing the number of paid up members and established relationships with the Akaroa Cruising Group, and the Dampier Bay Mooring Association, all of which should increase the clubs visibility and so foster recruitment of more members. We continue to enjoy a collaborative association with Naval Point Club Lyttelton and w have jointed them in sponsoring a course in celestial navigation which attracted over 20 attendees. We have satisfactorily resolved the long outstanding matter of a lectern. We also became the possessors of three winches which we managed to sell with the proceeds going to the club. Also this year saw the introduction of club caps which together with the burgee make it easy for club members to ‘show the flag’.

I am content with what we have achieved over the year and so I intend to step down, as other commitments make it difficult to do justice to the role of president for another year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted me in to the position for the confidence shown in me, I hope this has been justified.

The new president for the 2014-2015 year has been elected. You can find out more about our new president Viki Moore, by clicking here.

Ron Dards

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